While our 301 machines make it possible to handle the entire family’s clothes at once, the 13,500 square feet of space allows us to take care of you and your family.

This isn’t just a large version of the boring, uncomfortable Laundromats we’ve all been to, with wall-to-wall machines and no room to do anything but watch the spin cycle. We have:

  • A custom-designed children’s play and homework area.
  • Flat-screen TVs suspended from the ceiling.
  • An entire area of computers.
  • Free Wifi
About the owner:
Kurt D. Cargle has a 29-career as an executive, primarily serving the “Coin Laundry and Dry Cleaning” industry. In 1983 along with his mentor and father Mr. Cargle established “Kurt D. Laundry-Mats”, owning 7 assets in the Chicago metropolitan area. In 2000 Mr. Cargle negotiated the sale of all 7 locations yielding  profit for himself and his investors.

By 2006 after much research and preparation Mr. Cargle re-entered the industry as “P.E.A.K Enterprises” dba “Neighborhood Laundry-Mat”. He currently sits as CEO of three “Coin Laundry Mats” , two “Dry Cleaners” an while following the industry trends he established and “On Premises Laundry Facility” or (OPL). By partner up with some of Chicago's most respected property owners Mr. Cargle is granted exclusivity to place is coin laundry machine's in the owners high rise residential building’s.

Kurt D. Cargle has trained and employed 50 men and women over his career. He currently has 25 full time employees and contractors within his establishments.  Mr. Cargle holds an Associates Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Dakota. Kurt D. Cargle also holds an Associates Degree in “Electro Mechanical Technology” from Illinois Tech.
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